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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Harambe Voters and the Exodus


      Well folks, after an historic 2016 Presidential election, a few afterthoughts are swirling around my mind like the olives in a Martini. I could not help but notice the story of the number of intellectually stunted people in this country that are so devoid of purpose and commonsense that they cast a vote for Harambe-that's right, the dead gorilla.  As I'm sure everyone recalls, Harambe was the gorilla that had to be put down as a result of the child that, unbeknownst to his guardian, found his way into the ape enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.  After the child in question was slung around like a rag doll for a while, zoo personnel fearing for the child's life, shot the big ape. This set off a wave of controversy as the anthropomorphists soliloquized and interpreted Harambe's actions as being "protective."  That issue aside, I suppose the Harambe voters thought they were being humorous or representing a protest vote, but I sincerely believe they merely wanted to post something to twitter, because that's the driving force in a lot of people's lives these days.  The fact that we live in a free and democratic state, which was fought for, and defended with, human life going back to the American Revolution apparently did not cross their minds.  There just isn't enough room in there with that over-inflated sense of ego and self aggrandizement.  Hopefully, clear thinking and calmer heads will prevail- except in California....


     Along with the narrow minded Harambe voters, I have to take exception with the California rioters.  They seem to equate rioting and vandalism with protestation.  A little more insightful thought on their part might just allow them to come to the realization that VOTING is in essence a form of protest- a way of getting your opinions and choices out there.  There are sundry examples in this world where the privilege of free elections does not exist.  This behavior is more in line with a two year old child who didn't get what they wanted.  They apparently did not learn the lesson usually acquired in kindergarten, that after a game, you shake hands and try to accept winning or losing with some alacrity and class.  It shows respect for your opponent but more importantly, for yourself in graciously accepting defeat.   Every election cycle, there are winners and losers, and roughly 50-55% of the people will be happy with the results, while the rest will not be so happy. Show a little decorum, otherwise you look like a childish fool, and you may as well turn in your ballot for a baby's rattle or pacifier.


     The following people put on for public display their desire to leave the country should Donald J. Trump win the election. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

!. Lena Dunham- I don't know who she is.
2. Al Sharpton- Hallelujah
3. Spike Lee-  Good luck finding an          audience for your movies outside of the US

4. Barbara Streisand, Cher- They're the same person, right?
5. Miley Cyrus- Thank God
6. George Lopez- try getting back in after Trump builds the wall.
7. Amber Rose- Again, I don't know who she is.
8. Jon Stewart- Plans on going to Jupiter
9. Raven-Symon- Again, I don't know who she is
10. Whoopi Goldberg- one person with the name Whoopi is one too many
11. Neve Campbell- Go ahead and Scream
12. Chelsea Handler- I don't know who she is
13. Michael Key- This one I feel bad about, I think he's a really funny guy.
14. Ruth Bader Ginsberg- I'm not sure she'll survive a long trip, but that's ok
15. Samuel L. Jackson- South Africa, really???  Think about it.

I'm sure there are some others that I have omitted, but I think this is a good start.  What is abundantly clear to me is that none of the aforementioned people have a grasp on the concept of democracy as framed by our forefathers.  Nor do they aspire to live a life engendering a sense of national pride.  Under the pretext of a particular agenda, social, conservative or otherwise, they put forth a message that is actually self centered.  It was John F Kennedy, a democrat, that famously stated,"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." - sometimes the you is not singular, but a plurality of special interests, but self centered nonetheless.  

  Martini drinkers do not
 riot or 
vote for dead gorillas
 or spew forth childish threats.

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