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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cycling and The Martini

     If you have had the chance to view my personal page, you'll notice my homepage has a picture of the Liquigas team hard at work in the team time trial.  This is an event like no other. The man on the front digs deep to take his pull at the front.  Those behind have slight respite. The lead rider pulls aside slightly to let the convoy through, but still needs to focus and maintain effort to slot in at the rear.  Your turn isn't over until you slot in the rear slipstream.   Drift off the back, and you'll never find your way back on that train!

     My passion for cycling shares a thing or two with my love of the Martini.  Cycling, like the Martini, is both simple and yet complicated.   You simply ride your bike as fast as you can.  But there are oh so many factors that one has to consider; the training schedule, the terrain to be covered, the proper gear ratio, power, cadence, etc. The Martini likewise has many factors to consider in its production; the gin, the botanicals, the vermouth, garnish, temperature.  Yet, in the end, it is just three ingredients to put together in order that simple becomes sublime.

     The sport of cycling can be cruel, punctuated with much blood, sweat and tears.  But if one steps back, there is an elegance which is almost hypnotic.  Watching the individual man/machine interaction, as the combination of human and divine engineering meld into one, can be so uplifting.  I vividly recall a ride I went on last fall.  The temperature was around 50 f, just enough to go for a warm base layer, but the sun was brilliantly warm.  It was one of those days when all seemed right in the world.  The pedals turned effortlessly, the climbs melted underneath the wheels.  I remember wishing that ride could have lasted forever,  that I didn't have to go home and pick someone up from school or one of some such domestic responsibilities.  It's like that with a well made Martini, wishing for that bottomless glass.

     Well here's looking forward to warmer weather, outdoor riding, and Martinis by the pool.  For now, training in New England is mostly a basement affair.  Although, for those of you around the south shore in Massachusetts, you might want to try indoor Computrainer rides a go at Cycle Life Studios.  I had a great ride this morning and am looking forward to an equally great Martini tonight.  

Remember Cycling and Martinis have a lot in common, especially this:

Frequent practice helps !

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