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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bombay Sapphire: The Hard Man


The Cyclist   

     Martini Tuesday has arrived.  Remember to plan your life around the Martini and not the other way around.  I find myself constantly juggling my family, cycling, and Martinis. This reminds me of a wonderful story about what Sean Kelly, the great Irish cyclist, a true hard man of the cycling world, said to his wife Linda-

"As she moved away from the car, she left a mark where her hand had rested. Fastidious in the extreme, Kelly wiped away the mark. Never said a word, just cleaned the area which had been stained. Mildly annoyed Linda complained that Sean’s priorities were first his car, then his bike and finally his wife. Kelly heard the accusation, turned and with a look of deadly seriousness told his wife that she had got the order wrong: ‘The bike comes first’. What could the chastened lady say?”   What can I say?  Priorities, Priorities. We all need to them. 

The Gin

       Bombay Sapphire is my personal go-to gin:Clear crisp taste, aromatic but not too heavy on the Juniper, plus I love the bottle.  Every Christmas, Santa brings me the holiday edition with its own distinctive glass.  Unfortunately, the rather delicate design usually means a trip to the recycling bin before years end.  Oh well.  For the garnish, I prefer the old standby olive, but the blend of botanicals actually lends itself to a lemon zest garnish.  A Bombay Sapphire Martini in a collector's edition blue glass with a yellow lemon zest twist is undeniably one of the most elegant cocktails to be reckoned with in the world of mixology.  Sip well my friends and enjoy the aroma, taste and finish of this classic hard man of the Martini world.

Bombay Sapphire is a brand of gin owned by Bacardi that was first launched in 1987. Its name originates from gin's popularity in India during the British Raj and the sapphire in question is the Star of Bombay. The rather homely woman in the picture is none other than Queen Victoria.  The flavoring of the drink comes from a recipe of ten ingredients (which the bottle's label boasts as "10 exotic botanicals"). The 10 precious botanicals used in Bombay Sapphire are held separate from the spirit in perforated copper baskets, and when the heated vapors rise, the distinctive flavor of the botanicals are released. The result? A complex aromatic liquid that delivers a broader, more balanced flavor.  This gives a lighter, more floral gin. They recently opened a state of the art facility in England complete with a visitor's center.  Now that sounds like an ideal vacation destination!   

Almond Bitter: Almonds from Spain bring out and tie together all of the flavors of the botanicals, delivering the silky smooth feel.

Lemon Peel: Sweet and juicy,  lemons are hand-picked and hand peeled (quite an art) and hung to dry in the Mediterranean air. Important in bringing the citrus flavors to Bombay Sapphire, the lemon peel is also significant in 'lifting' the other botanical notes.

Liquorice:  Liquorice from the grassy plains of China, delivers the deep, warm and sweet flavor with a distinct anise aroma.

Juniper Berries:  The best juniper in the world comes from the hills of Tuscany and these berries are at the heart of Bombay Sapphire's botanical recipe, bringing a dry, fragrant, herbal aroma.

Orris Root:   Orris is the first part of the root of the Iris flower  cut from the plant by hand after growing for 3–4 years. The hard, bone-like root can be ground to a fine powder, allowing its full floral flavors to be released during distillation.

Angelica:  The root of the angelica plant  brings a distinct earthy tone to Bombay Sapphire whilst also holding the other nine botanicals in perfect balance.

Coriander:  Coriander seeds are the key citrus flavor contributor in any gin. The  seeds used in Bombay Sapphire come from Morocco. They provide  the rich aromas and flavor combination of citrus and warm ginger-like spice.

Cassia:   In the same family as cinnamon but with a more delicate flavor, this botanical relation brings a light warmth and sweetness to Bombay Sapphire.

Cubeb:  Despite being part of the pepper family, cubeb berries have a much more floral aroma, including notes of lavendar and rose. They provide a dry, hot flavor which lingers on the tongue.

Grains of Paradise:    A relative of the ginger plant, these seeds offer a spectrum of exotic flavours from a strong peppery bite to light lavender notes as well as a long finish.

Keep drinking until you find all ten flavors!


  1. We need recommendations for the best girlie martini. The Endo girls want to know.

    1. Glen, you must know that the words girlie and martini should never be in the same sentence together, that is an oxymoron in the most extreme sense. LOL. Will work on it.

  2. My favorite classic martini is 4 parts Plymouth gin, 1 part white vermouth, shaken, accompanied by two green olives stuffed with a nice blue cheese like gorgonzola. If I feel like a more herbal tasting gin I'll use Hendrick's instead of Plymouth.