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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Airing It Out

The Best of the Best

The New England Patriots and The Martini

     I have remained silent on this issue for long enough. The Superbowl will be played soon and I am frankly tired of the nonsense.  The item shown to the left is a football. Until last week no one had any idea what the pressure is supposed to be, who uses which balls, who checks them or when.  Anyone who says that the inflation pressure has an effect on the game lacks all credibility in my book.   Deflategate exists only in the minds of the HATERS and the fourth estate, also known as the media.  I once had a modicum of respect for John Harbaugh, but no longer.  The current prevailing rumor is that it was this lecherous fool who tipped off the Colts about this recent so called Patriots scandal.  If you coach a bunch of players who are not smart enough to cover a tight end on a passing route, you deserve to lose- which the Ravens did.  They presented the Pats with a great opponent, and it was truly an epic game.  Harbaugh was out coached and lost.  Deal with it people.  The game, and I hesitate to call it that, against the Colts was simply a mismatch.   Brady could have been throwing anything from a beach ball to a watermelon and the Pats would have won.  With all that money  Andrew Luck is getting paid, could someone get him an appointment with a dentist please?  He looks like a cross between a beaver and a shark with those overlapping choppers.  Maybe I just notice these things being married to a dentist.  And if you thought 45 - 7 was lopsided, wait until Bill and Tom exact their revenge next year!  Does anyone remember the 16 - 0 season following Spygate? 

     I will not even delve into the silliness of explaining the difference between weight and pressure which more than a few of the press misunderstood.  I see no need to discuss climate changes on gas pressure.  I frankly don't care if they did take the air out.  Aaron Rodgers admitted that he overinflates his footballs.  I don't hear the uproar there.  This issue has nothing to do with any of that.  This simply is a manifestation of what we see every day in our current culture.  We love to build up the underdog and then tear him down.  The winning continues and people get a little bored of that same old story. Eventually, people come to resent this ongoing success.  It happens in politics, business, just as in sports.

     The fact that people are trying to tarnish the career and legacy of Tom Brady is beyond offensive.  It is insubordinate and churlish, chicanerous and deceitful!  (Some of you may recognize this line from the Key and Peele substitute teacher episode on the comedy channel).  First of all, he's got a great name- Tom.  But in all seriousness, he is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.  The argument is over- forget Peyton Manning et al.  Brady has beat them all.   He is hard working. He is dedicated.  He eats, sleeps, and breathes football.  And, he is simply more talented than all the rest.  

      So what, pray tell, does this have to do with the Martini.  there are several similarities that come to mind.  The Pats fan, like the Martini drinker, knows that he is superior.   It is understood, and requires no justification.  We see the world with a little more clarity.   Maybe we are a bit aloof, if you will.  Don't judge us, it comes with the territory.  Also, Martinis are made clear and cold, not to mention dry, very dry - no fluff here, which reminds me of Coach Belichick's press conferences.  But perhaps the closest resemblance is this:
They can be made a little dirty.  


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